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I love sharing my passion for working with clients with autism.  I often receive emails with questions from professionals working in health, education and disability organisations who work with children, adolescents and adults with autism.  I do my best to suggest practical strategies and resources, and I run workshops on practical autism strategies around Australia.  

Now I'd like to set up a forum where autism professionals can ask and answer questions, find answers and share resources.  We can all benefit from sharing our expertise around autism, and of course our clients benefit too.  

The Autism Professionals Circle would be open to any professional who works with clients with autism or would like to know more about how to work with clients with autism, including:

  • psychologists
  • speech therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • special education teachers
  • mainstream teachers with an interest in autism
  • paediatricians
  • psychiatrists
  • physiotherapists
  • disability coordinators
  • respite care workers
  • accommodation support staff  
  • researchers with an interest in autism

The possibilities are endless, but discussion topics may include:

  • autism screening and diagnosis, from early identification to diagnosing adults
  • early intervention and support for families
  • strategies and interventions for children, adolescents and adults
  • behaviour assessment and development of behaviour plans, including identifying triggers and functions of the behaviour, preventative strategies and response strategies
  • behavioural brainstorming/trouble shooting - has anyone seen this behaviour before, what should I do?
  • transitioning to preschool, primary school, high school, further education and employment
  • sensory sensitivities and sensory-driven behaviours
  • communication difficulties, strategies and communication systems
  • teaching social skills - on-the-spot coaching, social skills groups, social stories, social skills videos
  • clients restricting their own diets, what is the evidence around special diets
  • understanding special interests and using them as motivators
  • repetitive behaviours - why do people with autism enjoy these, when is it a sign of distress, when should it be ignored, when should we find a more socially appropriate way of meeting this need?
  • recognising strengths and helping clients find jobs and activities within their areas of passion
  • differential and dual diagnosis, including ADHD, ODD, anxiety, depression, genetic disorders, trauma, learning difficulties, intellectual disability
  • working with parents who are grieving about their child's diagnosis
  • support for parents, siblings, grandparents
  • peer supports for people with autism
  • latest research projects recruiting now, and results of autism research
  • conferences, professional development, supervision and support networks
  • when and how to explain to a child that they have autism
  • person centred planning and support funding including NDIA, DSS, Centrelink

I'm working on setting up the forum, and would love your input to make it the best design possible.  Please let me know if you'd like to be notified once the forum is up and running by emailing .  

Initially we'll be looking for beta testers who can join the forum for free, ask questions, share and access resources, and give feedback on how it's working and if there's anything we need to change.

Eventually the forum will be subscription-based, as it takes time and money to set up and run the forum, but if you work with clients with autism, it's likely you can claim the subscription as a business expense or claim it on your income tax.   Of course the forum is intended to save you time in searching for answers elsewhere, finding resources, developing social stories, and connecting with others who are passionate about autism.  We hope it will be a great place for you to spread the word about the strategies that work for you, and your own autism resources for professionals. Beta testers will be offered a lifetime discount on the forum subscription when it's launched more widely.  If you're working as a professional with clients or students with autism, and would like to be a beta tester, please contact me at or use the Contact Us form on this website.   

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