Autism Diagnostic Assessments

mum-son-phoneFor local residents we recommend that the ADOS-2 and ADI-R assessments be conducted on different days. For those who are travelling for the assessment, we can offer all both assessment sessions on one day, with the feedback session a few weeks later. You will need to organise someone to look after your child during the interview and feedback sessions. Older adolescents are very welcome to attend all sessions, including the feedback session.  

Medicare's "Better Access to Mental Health" initiative provides the best clinical psychology rebates for clients who have some mental health concerns, for example anxiety around changes in routine or social situations, or a need to do things in a certain way or order (with distress when things don't go as the client expects them to).  Alternatively clients can access rebates under Medicare's "Helping Children with Autism" or "Chronic Disease Management" initiatives.  Medicare rebates explained

Autism Assessment Session   Fee   Medicare

1. ADI-R Interview with Parents (2 hours). Fee also includes one hour liaison with preschool or school, scoring and interpretation of teacher questionnaires, file review and 5 hours of report writing (Total 8 hours)

  2120.00   Rebates may be available.  Please call us to discuss rebates and out of pocket amounts.

2. ADOS play-based observation with Child

3. Feedback with Parents and multiple copies of Report

TOTAL for Autism Diagnostic Assessment   $2650.00    

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