Children with Autism & Asperger's and their parents

"Tips for Parents on Autism Diagnosis Disclosure: How and when to explain autism to your child" video interview with Lydia Meem (Clincial Psychologist, Autism Understanding) and Liz Watson (National Projects Manager, Positive Partnerships)

Rosie King and friends: My Autism and Me

Interview with Zachary who has Asperger's

10 things Riley would like to teach you about Autism

What autism looks like

I'm autistic

My little brother has autism

Why I don't yell at my son with Asperger's

Autism at 14 Months

Child with autism spinning to the tune of the dishwasher

Four year old CJ with Asperger's with a strong need to count along with Mum

CJ drawing numbers with chalk at 4 years of age

Six year old CJ acting out his favourite book verbatim: The monster at the end of this book

Six year old CJ drawing 8-bit Mario

A Beautiful Obsession: Logan, Autism & Buses (features Logan's mother and grandfather)

Using Visuals to Teach Autistic Students

The Picture Schedule Song

Visual Supports Object Schedules

Autism and Board Games

Children with Autism: One Teacher's Experience

"Anxiety in School" Real Look Autism Episode 1

"Communication Device" Real Look Autism Episode 8

"Playing with Toys" Real Look Autism Episode 5

"Art Therapy" Real Look Autism Episode 11

Lego Social Skills group: Presentation by Hannah Coles discussing Lego therapyExample of a session

Importance of Routine for Avoiding Meltdowns

Lining up cars: Yusuf 23 months

Lining up cars: Nate 2 years, 9 months

Lining up dice: Zachary's ultimate line of 6's

Daniel: Repetitive button pressing and Tantrum (for a good reason)

"Supernanny tackles autism" with Dr Lynn Koegel Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

First Signs ASD Video Glossary

Carrie Cariello (parent of Jack): What Color is Monday, My son has autism and I know what caused it (genetics not vaccines, discussion of how autism affects families in a positive way)