Cognitive Assessment Observation Checklist

89 behaviours worth noting when writing reports and making referrals

Are you a psychologist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist or special educator? 

Want to quickly capture behaviours you observe during an assessment?  

Want to describe behaviours with more confidence in your reports?

The Cognitive Assessment Observation Checklist developed by Lydia Meem, Clinical Psychologist at Autism Understanding includes 89 behaviours often associated with:

  • rapport/interest in the assessor
  • eye contact/joint attention
  • response to change in routine
  • performance anxiety/learning difficulties/coping with mistakes
  • weak central coherence/detail focus
  • self-directed vs following your lead
  • invents own rules/ignores instructions
  • cognitive inflexibility/rituals
  • special interests/tangential thinking
  • visual problem solving
  • social insight
  • sensory overload/sensory seeking
  • hyperactive/impulsive/repetitive motion
  • negative responding/absconding
  • spiky/scattered subtest profile

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