Training for Psychologists

How to Create a Neurodiverse Affirming Autism Assessment Experience

Neurodiversity Affirming Practices when working with Autistic people and their families.

This webinar training covers:

  • updating the language we use and the reasons behind these changes;
  • strengths of the Autistic brain style;
  • internalised presentation of Autism and the mental health impacts associated with masking;
  • the Double Empathy Problem and improving everyone's understanding of Autistic social communication styles;
  • what we've learned from neurodivergent adults, particularly from the Autistic community;
  • things to consider when aiming for neurodiversity affirming practice and research;
  • neurodiversity affirming resources for children, young people and adults.

Our team of experienced psychologists provide training and resources for psychologists to create positive autism and cognitive assessment experiences, prepare comprehensive reports, and tailor support strategies that work.