Supporting Autistic Students Course

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Neurodiversity Affirming Practices Webinar

Learn neurodiversity affirming practices for working with Autistic people and their families.

AUD 180

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Autism Understanding Psychologists 600 (7)

Supporting Autistic Students Course

10 x 90min On-Demand Training Workshops covering:

  1. Update on latest Autism diagnostic criteria changes
  2. Causes of Autism and why we don't need a cure
  3. Special interests and passions, opportunities to engage
  4. Communication styles and the Double Empathy Problem
  5. Neurodiversity and thinking styles
  6. Social interaction styles and creating opportunities around interests
  7. Sensory preferences and sensitivities
  8. Preferences around sameness and routine, easing transitions
  9. Repetitive movement and stims, moving to listen and learn
  10. Planning for life after school, finding your tribe

15 hours of CPD on completion

AUD 270
Total due AUD 270

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