Group Supervision


Have you completed training in autism assessments, but still have lots of questions?
Do you need a place to dive deeper into how and why we assess Autism, and how we can create an empowering assessment experience for our clients and their families? 
Would you like more practical and neurodiversity affirming strategies for your Autistic clients?


Clinical psychologist Lydia Meem conducts online group supervision for Australian registered psychologists and provisional psychologists who are passionate about working with Autistic clients and their families.

About Lydia Meem

Lydia is a Fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, is a Board-approved supervisor, and a Registrar program principal supervisor in the Clinical psychology area of practice. Lydia is also an author and popular speaker, presenting at autism conferences around the world, and she often provides training on neurodiversity affirming approaches for teachers of Autistic students. 

For many years Lydia has conducted training and clinical supervision for psychologists around autism, cognitive and developmental assessments, and how to empower clients and their families through the assessment and consultation process. 

She encourages psychologists to pay attention to the qualitative aspects of psychometric assessment, not just the test scores. The way a child or adolescent approaches the assessment and interacts with the assessor can provide clues for further assessment and effective strategies.

Through this group supervision program Lydia will show you how to confidently recognise these important clues in your own clients, how to clearly describe your observations in your reports.


Autism Assessment Deep Dive

Learning Outcomes

Our series of five 90-minute online group discussions provides an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what we are really looking for in autism assessments, to have more confidence around detecting the signs of autism, considering dual/differential diagnosis, and describing what you've observed in your reports.

We discuss how to empower families through the diagnostic process, report and feedback session so they can recognise strengths and advocate for accommodations and supports.  

We keep the groups small with a maximum of 8 psychologists so that everyone has a chance to actively participate in discussions and get the most out of the group sessions.

Interested in future group supervision sessions?

Further groups may be created based on demand. Leave your details in the form below to join the wait list for future group supervision sessions or book a 1:1 supervision session with Lydia here.