About Autism Understanding

Autism Understanding is a psychology practice in Newcastle, New South Wales that supports Autistic children, adolescents, adults and their families through neurodiversity affirming assessments, counselling and tailored autism strategies.

We focus on each individual's strengths and passions, and empower our clients to advocate for supports and accommodations that meet their communication, social, sensory, learning and employment needs.  

We offer neurodiversity affirming resources and training for teachers to better understand and support Autistic students. 

We provide clinical supervision and training for psychologists to gain confidence in creating an empowering assessment experience for their clients, providing comprehensive reports and practical autism strategies.

Meet the Team

Autism Understanding

“I love supporting my awesome clients to find joy, connection, work and study opportunities through their passions.”

CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, Author, Trainer, Speaker BA(Psych)Hons, MPsych(Clin), MAPS, CClin

Autism Understanding

“I am passionate about supporting clients to have choice and control over how they engage in psychology sessions.”

PSYCHOLOGIST BSocSc(Psych)Hons, GradDip(Psych), MAPS

Autism Understanding

“"I have a passion for supporting neurodivergent children and adults in living a life that aligns with their values and strengths.”

PSYCHOLOGIST Ph.D., B.Psych (Hons 1), MPsych(Clin)

Autism Understanding

“I enjoy supporting my clients to understand themselves and to be able to live the life that they would like to lead.”

PSYCHOLOGIST BPsych (Hons), MProfPsych

What We Do

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Assessments, Counselling and Strategies

We offer a range of psychological assessments, including autism, attention, cognitive, developmental, executive functioning, adaptive and reading assessments. Our reports provide a profile of each individual's strengths, as well as areas they may require accommodation and supports through school, NDIS or Centrelink.

We are happy to work with you and your family to tailor autism strategies to suit your passions and interests, communication preferences, thinking style, preferred ways of interacting and sensory experiences.

Clinical Supervision, Training & Resources for Psychologists 

We provide training and clinical supervision for psychologists around neurodiversity affirming assessments, report-writing, and practical autism strategies for clients of all ages. We believe in empowering our clients through each step of the assessment and feedback process, so that they understand themselves better, and can advocate for their own supports. 

We are excited to invite psychologists to join us for online courses, individual and group supervision, and professional development retreats. You may also be interested in Lydia's book, "Beyond IQ Scores: A handbook for Clinicians"


Supporting Autistic Students Course & Resources for Teachers 

We offer neurodiversity affirming training for teachers to better understand and support Autistic students in the classroom and playground. Autistic students often feel under pressure to fit in with neurotypical assumptions and social routines by 'masking' or 'camouflaging' at school, which contributes to anxiety and burnout. We can help neurodivergent students thrive by accepting all thinking and interaction styles in the classroom, encouraging passions, reducing sensory overload, and allowing rest breaks and alternative projects.

Our online course participants often comment that they can't wait to implement our practical autism strategies and resources straight away. 

Work With Us

Our psychologists can meet you in the clinic, by phone or video call.  We offer psychological assessments, counselling and tailored autism strategies sessions. 

We also offer autism resources, training for teachers and psychologists, and clinical supervision for psychologists.

For Individuals & Families

Assessments, counselling, strategies & resources.


For Teachers

Neurodiversity affirming training & resources.


For Psychologists

Training, clinical supervision, retreats & resources.