Speaker: Lydia Meem

Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, Author

Lydia Meem is an experienced clinical psychologist, author, speaker and clinical supervisor wildly passionate about improving the psychological assessment experience Autistic people and their families, and assisting them to advocate for the accommodations and supports they need to survive and thrive.

Lydia has been sharing her passion and expertise through presentations at conferences, workshops for teachers and psychologists, and an assessment handbook for psychologists. 

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Key Topics

Beyond IQ Scores ~ looking at behaviours during cognitive & developmental assessments, how to modify assessments, and practical recommendations.

Beyond DSM ~ creating an empowering assessment experience.

Practical Autism Strategies - Lydia draws on over 20 years of working with Autistic children, adolescents and adults to share her go-to strategies for building self-esteem, confidence and connection through passions, reducing stress, avoiding sensory overload, and making life more predictable and fun.

Autistic Girls & Women - discussing reasons some girls and women are often missed in autism assessments that have been based on research with Autistic boys and men; common presentations among Autistic women and non-binary people as well as Autistic men and boys who don't fit the 'classic' profile.

Autistic Adolescents - there is often a focus on early identification and supports, but we need to adjust strategies as Autistic teens face the increased social demands of high school, including creative study and employment options when mainstream high school is not meeting a student's needs, and ways to build confidence, self-esteem and  independent living skills.

Autistic Adults - with so many adults discovering that they are Autistic, let's discuss strategies around special interests and passions, employment, study, ways of building connection and strengthening relationships.



Lydia has presented at a variety of industry conferences, podcasts, webinars and workshops including:

  • Activated Probiotics Symposium (Tasmania, Oct 2022)
  • Asia Pacific Autism Conferences in Australia and Singapore
  • Autism in Education Conferences
  • PsychDD Conferences
  • Australian Independent School Counsellors WA Conference
  • Australian Teacher Aide Webinars
  • Customised training for schools and disability support organisations

Lydia Meem is based in Newcastle, NSW Australia, and is available to speak at virtual and face-to-face events in Australia and around the world (with notice). 

She is also available for media and podcast interviews, lectures and panel discussions.

Travel and speaking fees may apply, contact us for more information.

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14-16 Oct 2022, Tasmania

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Lydia Meem - Clinical Psychologist, discussing Neurodivergent Women

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