Meet the Psychology Team

020 Autism Understanding March 22

Lydia Meem


Lydia is a neurodivergent clinical psychologist who loves supporting her awesome clients to find joy, connection, work and study opportunities through their passions. Lydia enjoys tailoring autism strategies to the needs of Autistic individuals of all ages and their families, and empowering them to advocate for appropriate supports and accommodations. 

Lydia offers autism, developmental, cognitive, attention, adaptive and reading assessments as well as counselling and autism strategies consultations. She provides autism training for teachers, and offers training and clinical supervision for psychologists around autism and assessments.

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084 Autism Understanding March 22

Dr Alicia Sercombe

PSYCHOLOGIST BA(Psych)(Hons), Ph.D., MIACN (Cert), MAAPi

Alicia is an experienced Registered Psychologist who has worked with neurodiverse clients from 2000. She loves to work with her clients’ passions and strengths, and to tailor strategies to the needs of clients and their families. She has neurodivergent children herself, and has a knack for making people feel at ease in psychology sessions. She loves to come up with creative strategies in partnership with her Autistic clients.

Alicia offers autism, attention, cognitive and adaptive assessments, as well as counselling and autism strategies consultations.

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067 Autism Understanding March 22

Zoe Semmler

PSYCHOLOGIST BSocSc(Psych)Hons, GradDip(Psych), MAPS

Zoe has an interest in working with neurodivergent clients, and aims to provide a warm and inclusive space at all times. She is passionate about supporting clients to have choice and control over how they engage in psychology sessions. Zoe is interested in working with the client’s strengths, assisting them to identify their own goals, and to tailor autism strategies to each individual.

Zoe is currently offering cognitive, attention and adaptive assessments as well as counselling and autism strategies consultations.

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103 Autism Understanding March 22

Malcolm Smith


Malcolm is an experienced Registered Psychologist who has been supporting neurodivergent individuals and their families, including those with complex support needs since 2008. He is trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy, and motivational interviewing. He is also a nationally accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner.

Malcolm offers counselling and autism strategies consultations for adolescents and adults. He also offers couples counselling.

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124 Autism Understanding March 22

Sany Andrijic


Sany is an experienced Psychologist who has worked with a wide variety of neurodivergent clients. She loves to tailor strategies to address the specific goals her clients have chosen to work towards.

Sany is currently on maternity leave.

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