Have you heard about neurodiversity affirming practices, but you're not completely confident in implementing these with your neurodivergent clients? 

The Neurodiversity Affirming Clinician training hub is designed to assist psychologists, paediatricians, psychiatrists, and allied health professionals to consider practical ways they can offer a more neurodiversity affirming experience for their clients, from first contact, to goal setting, counselling, assessments, report writing, feedback sessions and recommendations for supports and accommodations for children, adolescents and adults.

The included training offers a comprehensive mix of live and on-demand video and text-based learning materials, case studies, sample reports and practical downloadable resources for your practice.


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Take a peek at what's inside...

  • Welcome, course navigation and pre-course questionnaire
  • Webinar: 'Neurodiversity Affirming Practice' with Lydia Meem
  • Resource: Neurodiversity affirming resources for clinicians pdf – books, podcasts, therapy tools, neurodivergent adults to follow on social media
  • Webinar: 'First Autism Conversations' with Lydia Meem (benefits of assessment for neurodivergent
    people and their families, what to expect in an assessment, how to talk about autism)
  • Resource: Partnering with neurodivergent clients and families throughout the assessment process pdf
  • Live Event: Meet Autism Understanding’s Neurodivergent Team Friday 7 June 10.15-11am, exclusive to NAC members
  • Webinar: 'Autism and ADHD'  with Lydia Meem and Zoe Semmler
  • Resource: Neurodivergent Student Profile pdf
  • Case Study 1 – AuDHDer adult, executive functioning, mental health, finding self-confidence and independence through art therapy and gym, meal prep etc.
  • Sample Autism assessment report
  • Sample ADHD assessment report
  • Sample NDIS Letters
  • Webinar: 'Beyond IQ Scores' with Lydia Meem
  • Resource: Cognitive Assessment Observation Checklist pdf
  • Resource: How to recover when something goes wrong in a testing situation pdf
  • Case Study 2 – bright girl, quirky, internalised presentation
  • Sample report – autism and cognitive assessment
  • Case Study 3 – developmental assessment tracking and developmental plateau/regression
  • Sample developmental assessment report
  • Case Study 4 – autism and global developmental delay, working with parents
  • Sample report – autism and developmental delay, celebrating progress while recognising developmental delays
  • Live Webinar: Learning differences, supports and accommodations with Lydia Meem 5 Dec 2024 11am -12.30pm AEDT (exclusive to NAC members)
  • Sample letter for special provisions
  • Sample letter for supports and accommodations at University
  • Sample report for AuDHD student with learning differences
  • Resource: Learning differences resource list pdf
  • Webinar: 'Supporting Trans Autistic Clients and Students' with Lydia Meem and Arden Cassie
  • Case Study 5 – trans AuDHDer navigating gender identity and affirmation, study options, friendships, becoming an advocate for neurodivergent students, social justice
  • Sample letter for gender affirming care
  • Sample report
  • Sample NDIS review letter
  • Webinar: 'Exploring passions, identity, supports and accommodations' with Lydia Meem and Zoe Semmler (including personalised goal setting and supports for neurodivergent adults, adolescents and children, cultural approach to social interaction styles and brain styles, identifying social opportunities through interests and passions, themes in couples counselling, strategies for preventing and responding to Autistic burnout, working with children with a Demand Avoidance presentation, working with young neurodivergent children and their parents etc)
  • Live Webinar: 'Exploring Play in Neurodivergent Children' with Dr Erin Robinson on 24 July 2024 10.30-12.30 AEST
  • Webinar: 'Sensory preferences and sensitivities' with Lydia Meem
  • Planning for life after school, finding your tribe webinar with Lydia Meem
  • Resource: Tips for supporting young people who may be reluctant to engage with services pdf
  • Case Study 6 – alternatives to high school, expert in special interests
  • Sample report
  • Case study 7 (girl who likes looking after horses, distance ed, lower work demands)
  • Resource: School Can’t resource list pdf
  • Sample Letter for uniform flexibility
  • Webinar: 'Autism, Relationships, Intimacy and Sex' with Lydia Meem and Zoe Semmler
  • Case Study 8 – developmental differences, adult learning, workplace adjustments, embracing neurodivergence, becoming an advocate for change at work
  • Sample report
  • Sample letter for workplace
  • Sample DSP Support Letters
  • Sample Letters for Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Webinar: 'Creating a neurodiversity affirming autism assessment experience' with Lydia Meem
  • Sample Intake Form as part of the referral process
  • Sample History and Current Presentation Form for first session with clients
  • Live Webinar: 'Selecting Assessment Tools for Autism and ADHD' with Lydia Meem 22 August 2024 10.30-12 AEST exclusive to NAC members
  • Resource: Comparison of Autism and ADHD Assessment Tools pdf
  • Live Webinar: Differential and Dual Considerations with Lydia Meem 15 October 2024 11am-12.30 ADST exclusive to NAC members
  • Case study 9 (situational mutism and social anxiety)
  • Case study 10 (trauma)
  • Sample report - when it's not autism 
  • Live Webinar: 'Neurodiversity Affirming Report Writing' with Lydia Meem 5 September 2024 10.30-12noon AEST exclusive to NAC members
  • Resource: Neurodiversity Affirming Language Update pdf
  • Sample reports – adults, adolescents, children
  • Webinar: 'Next Steps After An Autism Assessment' with Lydia Meem
  • Resource: Recommendation Menu pdf
  • Post-course questionnaire
  • All the case studies, resources and tools in one place for you to download
  • Certificates are available for each training you complete
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  • 24 Jul 2024: Exploring play in neurodivergent children with Dr Erin Robinson
  • 22 Aug 2024: Selecting assessment tools for Autism and ADHD (Exclusive to NAC members)
  • 5 Sep 2024: Neurodiversity affirming report writing (Exclusive to NAC members)
  • 15 Oct 2024: Differential & Dual Considerations (Exclusive to NAC members)
  • 5 Dec 2024: Learning differences, supports and accommodations (Exclusive to NAC members)
  • 2025: Live Q and A sessions with Lydia Meem

2025: Autism Assessment Clinic with Lydia Meem - a deep dive for clinicians who are already trained in standardised assessment tools (i.e. ADOS-2, MIGDAS-2) and would like to further their understanding and confidence


Inside the NAC Membership Portal you get access to 15 training courses, resources for your practice, case study examples, and live online training webinars to learn neurodiversity-affirming approaches to learning that can increase engagement and reduce anxiety and burnout among Autistic students.


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Neurodiversity Affirming Clinician (NAC) membership may be right for you if:

  • you are a psychologist, paediatrician, psychiatrist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist or allied health professional who wants to engage in neurodiversity affirming practice.
  • you are willing to consider your intake and assessment process, and counselling or therapy style to become aware of underlying neurotypical-centred assumptions you may have picked up during your formal training.
  • you are curious and keen to rethink common assumptions around neurodiversity and disability, and to try out new ideas, resources and ways of speaking with and writing about your clients.
  • you have approximately one hour a week (or 2 hours a fortnight, or half a day a month) to invest in this training, explore the case studies, sample reports and other tools, and to consider how you can incorporate these in your own practice.

When you become a member of Neurodiversity Affirming Clinician (NAC):

  • You'll have access to all courses (currently 15) in the training hub, and we'll keep adding more training courses each year!
  • You'll be able to attend LIVE training webinars throughout the year for free as part of your membership (valued at $198 each).
  • Recordings of the LIVE webinars will be available in the NAC Members Hub after these events.
  • You'll receive exclusive access to special events for NAC members, including exclusive webinars for NAC members, and live Q and A sessions with Lydia Meem (clinical psychologist).
  • We'll stay in touch, highlighting different courses and resources for you to explore.
  • You can complete the courses in any order and at your own pace. 
  • CPD Certificates are provided upon completion of each course (currently approx. 35 hours CPD across 15 courses, and this will grow each year)
  • You may be able to claim NAC membership cost as a work expense.
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NAC Creator: Lydia Meem

Lydia Meem is a neurodivergent clinical psychologist who loves supporting her awesome clients to find joy, connection, work and study opportunities through their passions. She most enjoys tailoring autism strategies to the needs of Autistic individuals of all ages and their families, and empowering them to advocate for appropriate supports and accommodations.

Lydia is also a Fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, a Board-approved supervisor, and a Registrar program principal supervisor in the Clinical psychology area of practice.

In addition to this, Lydia is an author and popular speaker, presenting at autism conferences around the world, and providing training on autism assessments for psychologists and neurodiversity affirming approaches for teachers of Autistic students.

Throughout these training courses Lydia shares the latest strategies, answers questions, and gives you the advice, tools and confidence you need to integrate neurodiversity affirming practices into your work with neurodivergent clients. 

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NAC training hub membership includes:

  • Instant Access to all course content (via desktop or mobile) 
  • Webinar presentations 
  • Live training events (including NAC exclusive webinars)
  • Audio files and slides from each webinar
  • Downloadable and printable Resources
  • Sample reports and letters to use in your practice
  • CPD Certificate of Completion for each module
  • 12 month access to the learning materials, course updates, events!

Enrolment Cost

First Year of Training Hub Access: $1999pp (payment plan available at checkout)

Second Year of Training Hub Access: $499pp