Webinar: Supporting Autistic Trans Clients and Students


A 2-hour webinar for teachers, psychologists, and family members of trans people with autism to help you gain a deeper understanding of how to best support them.

This webinar covers:

  • Higher prevalence of autism within the trans community, and greater gender diversity within the autistic community.
  • Quick update on neurodiversity-affirming language and the internalised presentation of autism, which is common among nonbinary and trans people.
  • How to support someone who is exploring and affirming their gender, creating a safe space for young people and adults, including using correct names and pronouns.
  • Sensory sensitivity, hormonal changes, rejection sensitivity, anxiety and mood.
  • Gender dysphoria and gender euphoria - avoiding overly pathologising trans experiences and moving on from narratives that focus on 'transition'.
  • Autistic communication styles, expressive and receptive language differences, alexithymia, prosopagnosia, and differences in interoception.
  • Exploring identity, connecting with neurokin and the trans community, and connecting through special interests and passions.
  • When it's not about gender or hormones - overcoming barriers in accessing health care and mental health care for trans people.
  • Resources for autistic trans people and their families.
  • Resources for teachers and health professionals.

Host: Lydia Meem, Clinical Psychologist and Arden Cassie


Please note: This event is only accessible to people who have paid for registration. Inviting additional staff or persons to watch with you is strictly prohibited without additional seats purchased. 


Webinar Co-host Arden Cassie

Arden CassieArden Cassie is a neurodivergent maths teacher and fierce advocate for improving outcomes for transgender people. She is currently Vice President of Hunter Gender Alliance. She is also the founder of the intersectional community network, Hunter Trans Fam. She has been involved with projects including CampOUT and the award-winning TransHub.  Arden has built a reputation as a powerful and moving speaker on many podcasts, featuring as a speaker at March for Justice, and International Women's Day events, She was the keynote speaker for the Public Service Association's Women's Conference in 2022. 

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