Webinar: Next Steps After An Autism Assessment


A 1.5 hour webinar for teachers, psychologists, clinicians, families and those going through the autism assessment process to help support you through the next stage of the journey. 

This webinar covers:

  • Autism frolics in families
  • Understanding the outcome of an autism assessment 
  • Autistic brain styles, social communication styles, special interests, need for sameness, repetitive movement and sensory sensitivities
  • Integrating autism within your identity and finding safe spaces to be your authentic self
  • Neurodiversity affirming goals, supports and accommodations for children, adolescents and adults
  • Prevention and recovery from autistic burnout
  • Navigating applying for supports and accommodations through schools, NDIS and Centrelink

Host: Lydia Meem, Clinical Psychologist 


Please note: This event is only accessible to people who have paid for registration. Inviting additional staff or persons to watch with you is strictly prohibited without additional registrations. For large group registrations, please contact us for pricing.

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