Webinar: Autism and ADHD


In this engaging 2-hour session designed for psychologists, counsellors, allied health professionals, disability support workers, and teachers, you will develop your understanding of the unique brain styles of individuals with autism, ADHD, and those who exhibit characteristics of both (AuDHDers). The webinar will provide you with a deep dive into the distinct cognitive patterns and processing methods that characterise each of these groups.

You'll come away with a richer understanding of how these brain styles influence learning, behaviour, and social interactions. This knowledge is crucial in tailoring your approach to support and communicate effectively with individuals in these groups.

The session will introduce a range of practical strategies, tools and resources designed to enhance your professional practice, whether in educational settings, clinical environments, or supportive roles. You'll learn techniques to foster engagement, support individual needs, and promote a positive and inclusive environment for autistic and ADHD individuals.

The takeaway from this webinar is not just theoretical knowledge, but also actionable insights and resources that can be immediately implemented in your professional setting, enhancing the support and care you provide to neurodivergent individuals.

This webinar covers:

  • Autistic brain styles
  • ADHDer brain styles
  • AuDHDer brain styles
  • Strategies and resources

Host: Lydia Meem, Clinical Psychologist and Zoe Semmler, Psychologist

Please note: This event is only accessible to people who have paid for registration. Inviting additional staff or persons to watch with you is strictly prohibited without additional registrations. 

Autism & ADHD webinar 700