Webinar: Destigmatising Play in Neurodivergent Children

Live Event: 24 July 2024 10.30am-12.30pm (SYD)

Traditionally, neurodivergent play, including autistic play, has been seen as missing key elements of neurotypical play, and in need of intervention to teach the child to play in a more neurotypical way. The fear around neurodivergent play was often around children not being able to learn properly if they engaged in play that was different from their peers.

One of the outcomes of the neurodiversity affirming movement is a better understanding of neurodivergent play, and how this fits with special interests and neurodivergent learning styles. 

this webinar, psychologist Dr. Erin Robinson will explore play in neurodivergent children.

The webinar is suitable for teachers, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, parents and neurodivergent individuals who are curious about the benefits of play and how neurodivergent children play. 

The webinar will cover:

  • Play - exploring different types of play
  • Play research - including the benefits of play for child development
  • Neurodivergence and play in neurodivergent children
  • The sensory elements of play
  • Using play in the home
  • Utilising play in client sessions

Dr. Robinson is a neurodivergent psychologist with a passion for supporting neurodivergent children and adults in living a life that aligns with their values and strengths.

Host: Dr. Erin Robinson,  Psychologist     Ph.D., B.Psych (Hons1), MPsych(Clin)

Where: Live webinar on Zoom

When: 10.30am-12.30pm (AEST - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane), 24th July 2024 

A recording and any associated resources will be provided to all registrants after the live event.

Please note: This event is only accessible to people who have paid for registration. Inviting additional staff or persons to watch with you is strictly prohibited without additional seats purchased.